maandag 17 mei 2010

Strawberry fields forever with Twitter Friends in Dordogne (2)

After the festival we went back to Alex and Alison's for lunch and everybody brought the most wonderful dishes which we all enjoyed a lot. We were lucky with the weather too so we all could eat outside. It was fantastic meeting all our friends and they all looked and acted the same as on-line. So there were no surprices there.
Jim and Lucy who own their cooking school in the Dordogne and more Jim even has been on MasterChef!
Kirsten and Harvey who work respectively as an English teacher, journalist and IT guru. Enid and Kevin who own lovely gites to enjoy your holidays in the Lot and Garonne Diana and her husband Don; she's writing a book at the moment; let me know when it's out!Of course our hosts Alex and Alison and some of their friends, like the Italian influenced Grant who has renovating his own gites in the Dordogne (won't say more!).

Also Rebecca (Kirsten & Harvey's daughter) and Fleur got along very well. When they both wanted to go for a swim in the heated pool, Fleur took her wet swim suit off and gave it to Rebecca. Mind you Fleur has foreign blood in her vains ;-). Well the pictures tell it all ;-)

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Kirsten zei

Lovely blog written by a lovely woman :-) It was indeed a lovely day meeting everyone and as you say we were all as we were on Twitter. It was like meeting up with old friends. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon and Rebecca is already wanting to see Fleur!