dinsdag 25 mei 2010

BBQ time from the Charente to.....

Due to the international players of this blog -again- in English. Last weekend the sun was not only more than present in the Charente but also in other European countries. When I read that a lot of people 'put their barbies' out, I got inspired for a blogupdate. With the help of twitter and facebook friends, I have been able to make a nice selection of how and who is behind the BBQ.
The man with the hat is not from Nashville ;-), although he speaks English.

This is a typical BBQ Italian Style and it's from my brother Enrico and his wife Marlies who live in Sardegna. At the right picture you'll see Enrico cooking dinner incl. BBQ for a Dutch couple who got married on Sardegna this weekend.
You can follow Enrico and Marlies on http://casa-arancia.blogspot.com/

From Italy to The Netherlands where Laura Noot has her BBQ with her children.

From my home country to the UK, where Frank Millar had a BBQ British style. (You look nice there Frank :-o). Frank is known in the blogging world to and you can read his news on http://www.millartime.co.uk/ Btw Frank, the 'house' on your blog, is your holiday home I understand.

Back to The Netherlands or further away to the US (officially he lives there now) where I have the permission to publish his pictures on my blog...Yes it's from a well-known Dutch actor Ferri Somogyi (who used to play in Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden) http://www.ferrisomogyi.nl/

In the UK we'll find Françoise Murat, an interior and garden designer, born in Switzerland, and now living her life in the UK. All about Françoise you will find here http://www.francoisemurat.com/

And of course my friend Diana Newnham and her interpretation of having a BBQ...what a great life a cat can have! Read all about Diana's adventures in http://dordognedoings.blogspot.com/

Thank you all so much for your kind e-mails and let me using your pictures. I wish you all lot's of BBQ days wherever you are.

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