maandag 17 mei 2010

Strawberry fields forever with Twitter Friends in Dordogne 1

For once a blog in English in stead of Dutch. I hope that my Dutch readers will forgive me...promise won't happen (soon) again :-)! But when you read my blog, I know you would understand the reason why.This weekend we went to Alex and Alison's house in Le Monjat in the Dordogne. We have met Alex in real life before, but up to now not his wife Alison. One of the reasons was that yearly there's a huge Strawberry Festival which is worth a visit. The other reason was to get to know some of our mutual twitter friends and Alex' house is not only big enough but in the central for all or our 'virtual' friends.

On Saturday we had a lovely drive to 'Le Monjat' and Fleur and I played our first 'poole game'. Needless to say that Fleur's team, with Alex, won! In the evening we took them out for a very nice meal in one of the restaurants in the area where we enjoyed local specialties like foie gras and canard.

The next morning after breakfast, we went to Vergt where the strawberry festival took place and where we were going to meet some of our twitter friends. Double fun!
The pictures will give you an impression of the festival. And of course there was a brocante as well. I found an in wood curved picture of my all time favorite Julien Clerc, but €65 was too expensive...the seller tried to interest me for the luck. The only thing we bought was a 'Chef's tool' handy for making all kinds of shapes for dishes to impress our guests. Near the strawberry tart we would meet some of our twitter friends...

2 opmerkingen:

Kristel Holsbeek zei

Je doet me echt watertanden hoor met al die lekkere aardbeien, jeetje toch!!!hmmmm

René van Gellekom zei

Dat ziet er gezellig uit zeg! Dat was wat voor Bob geweest. die is gek op aardbeien.